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Fundamentals of War Gaming, Francis J. McHugh, 1966

The US Naval War College (with Skyhorse Publishing) have reprinted the Fundamentals of War Gaming, by Francis J. McHugh, originally published in 1966. This provides a wonderful snapshot of the state of wargaming at the time. Most of the second half of the book gives a detailed account of the various systems and simulations, both manual and computer, that were in service at the time. Devotees of the history of professional wargaming will find this fascinating.

It is the introductory chapters, however, that contain insights as relevant today as they were in 1966. McHugh relates some wargaming basics that still need reinforcing today, almost 50 years later; the necessity to differentiate between educational/training and analytical wargames, for example. The genesis of wargame-related definitions (and the need for them) is also noteworthy.

If pushed for time just read the first three chapters; the rest, as they say, is history.

Details are:

ISBN: 978-1620876411
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Paperback, about £13 or $16

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