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I haven’t updated the web since I started writing my book, Successful Professional Wargames; A Practitioner’s Handbook, in 2017. I will update it presently, but it is currently out of date.

Site intention

The intention of this site is to spread professional wargaming best practice and generate discussion.

Who will benefit, and how?

You will find this web site useful if you deliver professional wargames to the military or use gaming techniques in any defence, civil resilience or business areas. We guarantee that the suggestions, gleaned from global best practice, will enable professional wargaming and gaming practitioners to design and deliver training, educational and analytical events with the best chance of achieving their objectives.

The focus of the site is on professional wargaming delivered to the military. However, the suggestions made are equally applicable to civil resilience and civilian and business organisations that use gaming techniques. The term ‘wargaming’ is interchangeable with ‘gaming’.

Who can use the site content?

Everyone; all content is free to use. As explained above, the intention is to make a difference in the wargaming and gaming fields by spreading best practice garnered from over 20 years experience in the field.

What’s here?

In this site you will find guidance on key areas of wargaming such as: global best practice; the benefits wargaming can deliver; common errors made and how to avoid them; how to design, develop and deliver the best possible wargames; how to harness modelling and simulation tools to support your objectives; and how to achieve a common understanding among stakeholders. Everything is written in non-technical language and based on a comprehensive understanding of training and analytical design, all aspects of wargaming and the skills needed to deliver success.

Feedback please!

LBS welcomes your feedback. We are trying to spread best practice and maintain a dialogue among professional wargamers. All Blog entries and Case Studies have a ‘comment’ field. Please contribute; it is important that you add to the discussion. No comments, positive or negative, will be edited or filtered out.