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New Course of Action Wargaming, Rehearsal of Concept and Red Teaming Doctrine ← Back to Blog index

I was delighted to be asked to write the sections in the new UK Staff Officers’ Handbook (Land) (SOHB) on Course of Action (COA) Wargaming, Rehearsal of Concept (ROC) Drills and Red Teaming. Due to the amount of potential material that could be included in the SOHB, my original draft has been condensed. This is right and proper as the SOHB must be a useable ‘pocket-size’ guide, not some unapproachable tome. However, some key sections have been omitted or edited. In particular the suggested extra step of Consequence Management has been deleted (Action – Reaction – Counter Action – Consequence Management – Consolidation). Hence I think it would be useful to make the original text I wrote available for those with a specific interest in professional wargaming, COA Wargaming, ROC Drills and Red Teaming. Taken alone, these sections are unclassified, although the overall SOHB is Restricted. I made no changes to the Red Teaming section, this being owned by DCDC. Note the post on the recent (Jan 13) Red Teaming Guide.

The unabridged COA Wargaming/ROC Drill/Red Teaming section for the new SOHB can be downloaded here

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