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‘Simulating War: Studying Conflict Through Simulation Games’ by Professor Philip Sabin

Anyone with an interest in wargaming, be it professional or recreational, must buy this book.

Mindful of the pros and cons of all the means of delivering wargames (ranging from computer simulations to figures on a tabletop), in ‘Simulating War’ Philip Sabin focusses on board games and other forms of manual gaming. Some might debate the utility of manual gaming to the simulation-dominated professional wargaming field, but I agree wholeheartedly with James Dunnigan’s assertion, quoted in ‘Simulating War’, that ‘to design a decent computer wargame, it’s still safest to go back to a manual design first.’

Phil Sabin has delivered a master class in how to do just that. ‘Simulating War’ is a clear, logical and balanced guide that provides all the building blocks and insights necessary to design manual games and then use them to best effect. This expert knowledge will be just as useful to military planners, trainers and educators alike, to gaming software developers, operational analysts, those in experimentation and to recreational wargamers.

To reiterate: if you have any interest in, or connection to, wargaming then you cannot afford to be without this book. Buy it now.

The ISBN is 978-1-4411-8558-7 or follow this link to Amazon where you will find it at a bargain £17.01. Amazon still says the book is available to pre-order only, but copies were delivered last week so don’t delay ordering! Additionally, many of you should be able to justify the – slight – expense through work.